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Alberto’s Project 3 Photography – Best buddy and film photographer, great use of space, color and simplicity.

Greg Zeitlin Photography – Good friend and photography partner in crime.  Lives in Phoenix, from New York City.

Sonia Jones Photography – Mentor, friend, and all around powerhouse of a woman.  Pushed me to gain confidence in myself and gave me the opportunity to grow as a photographer.

Mesa-Goodlife – Learn fun and unique ways to enjoy the Mesa, Az area.  Awesome website curated by my Dad :)

TheJoeBen – Cool dude I met traveling through Big Island Hawaii who runs his own travel blog

KenjiSaito – Famed extreme hiker who runs an awesome blog documenting the treks, a few of which I’ve joined in on.

SilverDarkness – Fella I met in Vietnam who takes great travel photos!

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