Road trip from Salt Lake to Phoenix, and back home.

Some cool museums in Los Angeles on our layover that was long enough to visit some cool museums.

Above is Alta, the snooty ski only resort in Utah, which unfortunately for the boarders is awesome, beautiful view of course. Below, our trip through the Utah snow country to our one day visit to Zion.

The lady at REI didn’t think it snowed in Zion, welp it was a winter wonderland. We didn’t wander far, but didn’t have to in order to see the magic.

Cute lil snowball snowman somebody made.

When we made it to Vegas the next night, our first stop was Culiac├ín (Mexico) style sushi. IT WAS AMAZING! Rice, bacon, chicken, sour cream, cheese, tempura crust, etc… Yeah baby!

Above, a panorama near the Hoover Dam, below, a panorama from my ol mountain challenge Camelback peak.

A lil wandering around Scottsdale for some Cartel coffee, and then a flight home the next morning. Nothin beats those watery sunsets :)