Everest Base Camp Trek, Getting to Kathmandu

This year we had big plans. Travel to Nepal, and trek a few weeks to check out Mount Everest. We weren’t planning on doing it, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go with our Kilimanjaro friend Griff. We had a quick layover in Incheon, South Korea, then we were off to Kathmandu.

It was the beginnings of Winter in Inchon, and I was able to see the leaves in their Fall colors for just a bit.

The Incheon airport island as seen from the plane.

Kathmandu airport wasn’t easy to navigate, luckily the locals are friendly and spoke some English. The visa process was a huge pain and required no less than 3 lines to finally be allowed through.

View from our hotel for a few nights stay in Kathmandu.

Some local brew to relax and enjoy the noise of the city below while thinking about the upcoming adventure.

Kathmandu was a cool place. Outside the more quiet streets were nauseating motorways filled with a vastly different sort of pace than our home. There is no order on the roadways, people edging by and constantly passing to eek their way slightly closer to their destination. The speed limit is ‘faster than the guy in front of me’. We didn’t spend much time on those streets, and while heavily tourist laden, spent the majority of our time near the Hotel.

At a very reasonable price, you could outfit yourself completely for the coming trek. All items were name brand, much to the dismay of the actual name brands these items allege to be.