Kalalau trail, to the beach & back, Napali coast, Kauai

Decided to test the feet again with a new hiking gauntlet. Kalalau trail, to the beach and back, in one day. At a pace of around 2 miles an hour (slow and steady) I completed all 22 miles in 12.5 hours. Can’t wait to camp here one day.

After a late start due to some pounding rain, I had a wet trail almost the whole way, although not at all a strange thing for Hawaii hiking.

Many itsy bitsy waterfalls and streams crossed the trail.

Pretty damn gorgeous views of the Kalalau trail and Napali coast along the way. Hanakoa valley & its waterfall can be seen in the picture below.


Climbed out on one of the spur ridges a bit to get this cool panorama.

Some parts of the Kalalau trail are a bit overgrown, but nothing pokey luckily.

This was a fun section that would probably give an inexperienced hiker the terrors.

Kalalau “This is sacred land. Give it your utmost care, respect, and leave knowing you have preserved it for future generations.”

Awesome view of red hill, the last section as you descend into Kalalau valley.

Standing on Kalalau beach, you get a sense of something incredibly special. Never have I seen such a sight, powerful and rugged mountains, a massive and empty beach, 10 foot waves pounding the shore. It’s a feeling beyond the standard, “this is really gorgeous” smirk, it’s just too good to be true. Never has the statement that photos don’t do it justice rang more true.

I had a quick lunch break, and ventured off of Kalalau beach and back to the ridges.

Noni fruit growing wild and happy in the verdant Kalalau valley.

These goats were smashing into each other’s heads to assert dominance. Talk about a slim margin for error!

The sun set dramatically along the coast.

A very happy sight, the sign telling me that I have a quarter mile to go till I can take a beach shower and chill in my rental Jeep.