Everest Base Camp Trek, Phakding to Namche Bazaar

Ok, I know there are tons of pictures of dogs already, but man, these Himalayan doggies are adorable. They’re so friendly and fluffy.

At this point, we’re not seeing tons of huge peaks, so anytime I did see one, I was very excited.

These guys were crafting a bridge to ease passage through this small ditch.

We would occasionally stop for TP breaks, which stood for tea and pee if you catch my drift. There were many lovely little shops to hang out at.

For lunch, Griff and our new friend Jeremy try the local approach, using their hands to eat. They seemed to enjoy themselves :)

If you watch the movie Everest, you might recognize this dual bridge setup. The lower bridge saw no foot traffic, perhaps closed due to disrepair?

Above, this was our first sight of the fabled Mt. Everest, we stood in awe for quite some time excited our eyes were actually looking at the tallest mountain on Earth.

Welcome to Namche Bazaar, our guide said it was the best city in the region. After experiencing the apple-blueberry pie below, we were convinced.

Yak cheese pizza for dinner, definitely delicious.

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