Taiwan trip, Taipei night market

The following series of photos spanned multiple nights, but are all related. The night scene in Taiwan is vibrant, and brings out droves of people who are all looking for great food for cheap, and I’m sure something fun to do with friends. I am jealous of how cool this part of the culture is here.

Mitsy and Mel, best of friends :)

Mel introduced us to a fun game kids typically play. You fling marbles and they bounce down into slots. I’ve seen this before, but have absolutely no clue how the rules work. None of us won anything more than the participation prize of a small root beer flavored candy.

Jello with fruit in the middle. Pretty looking!

The above sweet pastry had a thick slab of butter in the middle. Oh hell yeah it was good.

This is stinky tofu, a revered Taiwan (and likely elsewhere) dish. It is hard to describe other than the fact that the ‘stinky’ moniker vastly under-describes the sheer putridity of it. It literally smells like rotting trash. People eat it here with absolute joy, so much so Mel (my wife’s friend) stated it was her favorite food. I am down to try stuff, but I couldn’t eat more than a few molecules of it.

I took some time to look around on my own in the neighborhoods around Taipei 101.

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