Taiwan trip, Tainan & Taipei 101

At the start of this day, we took the subway to a bullet train and traveled down to the southeast part of the island known as Tainan to visit some of Mitsy’s friends.

The above bowls are filled with a sweet treat known as Douhua. There are many variations of it I came to find out, as each is customized to the tastes of the buyer, but I believe they are all connected by the very soft and lightly sweet tofu used. The version I got was more savory (probably not considered douhua, but I don’t know…) Anyways, it was really unique, refreshing, and delicious!

Above is the former Tait & Co. Merchant house, which has been consumed by a series of huge banyan trees. I’m not sure of it’s history, but it’s a cute tourist stop in the outskirts of Tainan City.

Finally being able to look out on the city of Taipei, from near the top of the Taipei 101 building. What an absolutely immense and overwhelming city.

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