Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, California

Mitsy and I had some days off together and we chose to explore the area between Seattle and San Francisco. This eventually lead us to the redwood forest, a bucket item for the both of us. We weren’t sure what to expect, and chose a loop of nearly 13 miles to hike through. The park guide told us a couple of the areas we intended on passing through were flooded out, and advised us to reconsider our route. We decided to go and cautiously explore nonetheless. We were quite happy to find there to be an amazing and dry trail that passed through some of the most epic trees and lush forests we’ve ever seen.

Awesome scenic coastal drive on the way to the redwoods.

Occasionally a huge tree provided an interesting route to cross a fern grove.

Feeling like little people in a giant’s land.

The view down into “fern canyon”. This was something like 5 miles into the hike and we were surprised to see so many other hikers. Then we realized there was a back road that made it super easy for people to drive their families here. It was awesome looking but a bit crowded so we got back on the path towards the beach and back into the redwoods.

I never heard about tsunamis affecting this area, but they’re prepared anyways!

If you look carefully in the above picture, lil Mitsy is beneath the huge dead tree. Crazy proportions!

The view from inside a burnt out tree trunk, maybe it was hit by lightning?

Post hike was a breakfast platter from the Palm Cafe. Local said “it’s good home cookin, but nothin fancy.”

Trying to camp more often per my goals this year. It was great, although we were amongst some rowdy kids.

On our way out of the redwoods, we drove through the “Avenue of the Giants.” Possibly one of the most wonderful discoveries we made on the whole trip. We are already planning on coming back to camp and hang out in this area.