Last day on Cát Bà, till next time Vietnam!

We had some time before our water taxi back to the main island, so we took a hike to a hidden cove behind the island some. A friendly local worker guided us to the trailhead and we walked through a lovely forest to get to it.

The flag marked the way.

There was a structure on the beach, which could have been some fisherman’s dwelling.

Mitsy points to an unoccupied cove, “We could live on that spot there” she says.

It’s not easy to see, but the hillside in the photo above was thick with dragonfly swarms.

Back in the area of the hotel, we wait at the dock and wave good bye to Cat Ong!

The light fishing boat was on when we passed by, it’s very bright even during the day.

We take a bus back to Hanoi, and wander around the night markets looking for gifts for our loved ones. The streets were busy with dancing, shopping, eating and just hanging out. It was awesome to see such a vibrant scene.

Back in Tokyo now, we take some time for some R&R, eating good food, hitting up our favorite food marts (7Eleven is bomb in Japan) and then checked out Disney Sea!