Cát Ông Island

We traveled to another nook of the Cat Ba area, this time a ‘private’ island. Having spent some time in the city, and dropping off some laundry, we took another water taxi to the island. We were greeted with party music and what seemed to be the manager of the operation.

Large light fishing vessel above. After settling into the room, we went for a little walk around the eastern part of the island.

We noticed a family of at least three goats on one of the small islands.

Half of the place was still under construction. Below, we spent a lot of time just lounging around on the beach.

We hung out on the balcony, and I got a few cocktails.

Before sunset, the bartender told me he was throwing a party for us all, he said there would be alcohol with a sparkle in his eye. I think the rest of the people staying there just wanted to hang out in their cottages, because the place was a ghost town haha.

The massive light in the horizon is one of those light fishing boats. Lights attract the small critters, and they attract small fish, small fish attract bigger fish. It’s a simple but effective mechanic.

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