Floating homestay back to Cát Bà Island

Excellent sunrise, and a very quiet morning. The water was still as a lake, although we did wake up in the night to a sudden increase in the ferocity of the wind which lasted an hour or two. These mountains must have some wind dampening effect.

The days start with a visit from a woman with some wares on her vending boat. The guys check out a few things and even buy a few things.

Breakfast was awesome, glass noodles, egg, fried onions and peanuts with some greens.

As the woman paddles away, our host Chuck paddles to a fishing boat just a stonesthrow away to see what the catch was.

We take a look at the net to see what fishies our hosts already have caught.

In the morning, a boat taxi picks us up as well as Chuck’s friends. We head back to Ben Beo harbor and walk to the main part of Cat Ba island.

The floating grocery store above.

Also, time to let Mitsy to try the famous Vietnamese egg coffee.

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