Rock climbing at the Makapu’u crag, Oahu

Out again at our favorite rock climbing spot on Oahu, the Makapu’u crag. This time we had some guests who were interested in giving it a go for the first time. Great times with an amazing view.

After fixing the rope to some bolts that someone placed a long time ago, we can do some top-roping. Rappelling down is pretty much one of my favorite things.

Mitsy photographed the rescue helicopter doing a fly by, we all waved and they honked back at us throwing us a shaka. That was awesome!

Julio gives the left side of the crag a shot.

The exact moment Shawn’s hat flew off as photographed by Mitsy.

Super stoked, David climbs for the first time in his life with a harness up what would normally be a terrible idea. With all the gear in place, we can safely climb and enjoy the challenges without the mortal risk.

He made it to the top of a crack too! This was an especially fun set to photograph, I rappelled down to a nice overhanging perch and fixed myself into a metal bolt on the face of the rock. With myself secured nice and safe, I was able to swing back and forth taking photographs as needed.

Jo trying to push through a spot she burnt out on last time, she made it through no problems this time.

Hang glider in the distance, always friendly with a wave.

Julio next, he always makes it look so easy.

And Shawn below, absolutely blowing out every line with skill that far surpassed us all. He was not beholden to the same laws of gravity we all were.