Phantom Ranch & Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

It’s awesome to trek over the iconic suspension bridges over the Colorado River on the South Kaibab Trail. These lead to Phantom Ranch, a camping area, and watering hole for weary hikers. Mitsy was able to grab a bandaid for one of her blisters.

The water is cold and refreshes the feet after a long trek down.

Kind of hard to believe how lush it is on the trail from Phantom Ranch. The greenery is complimented by the sounds of laughter and a babbling stream.

The second suspension bridge, and as far as I’m concerned the start to the Bright Angel trail heading up. It’s got a grated bottom to assist those of us with our fear of heights.

Little froggy I found on the trail. Below, Mitsy jumps through one of the handfull of stream crossings along the way up the Bright Angel Trail.

A long way to go, but we’ve also come a long way!

Tired but keeping the pace strong.

And then a wild batman appears! (Halloween is just a few days away)

This cave marks about the mile left mark, we are thrilled!! Below, we are just steps from the Visitor’s Center, and very happy to score some ice cream.

By this point, we had powered through the last leg of the journey, took a shuttle back to the starting point, and were walking to our parked car a half mile away. This view showed the blue shadows of the nearing twilight, and the Kaibab Trail heading down once more. We were in the haze of victory, and ready for some much deserved grub in Sedona just a few hours drive away.