Sushi & nigiri with fresh caught Weke

Here’s the delicious dinner I had to myself last night. The girlfriend is out of town so I grabbed my gear and swam around the ocean for a while. All I wanted was one fish for dinner, but I stayed out for hours just swimming around the beautiful reef.

Here’s a Weke (pronounced vekay aka the square spot goatfish) that was caught off the shore on South Oahu in Hawaii. I’m pretty new to spearfishing and while the pros don’t usually bother with these small fries, I think they’re delicious and one is more than enough for a complete meal. They swim around in schools of like 20-50 and if you’re patient enough you can pick off a decently sized one. This guy is just under a foot long (they get 16 inches so I’ve heard), and it’s delicate meat so I fillet it carefully as it cuts like budda.

A little irregular but who’s taking score. I de-boned it with some fish tweezers too.

I mixed together a spicy mayo sauce to add with one half of my weke after dicing it up a bit. Above I have a 2-1 ratio of mayo and sriracha, with a tsp of sesame oil and lemon juice.

Just mix it together for deliciousness!

I cut some thin strips with the other half of the fillet for some nigiri (strips of fish on rice, as opposed to rolled up which is sushi).

Getting everything sorted for the sushi roll.

I’ve found that using a sushi press is a lot easier than fudging with the sushi mat thing, just layer in the goods, press it down, and roll it over the nori.

I probably pressed it a bit too hard.

But who cares, because it tastes the same anyways!! It’s filling, delicious, and cool that I was able to take it from the sea to the table myself.