Flight to New Zealand

Mitsy and I brainstormed our inagural ‘extended trip’. New Zealand was to be the place. Three major goals, big ol’ road trip, ice climbing at the Fox Glacier, and the Milford track. This, and all the in between stuff, spanned just over two weeks. Photos don’t do it justice, as they never do. It’s a place that feels raw, un-populated, and unspoiled by the fat footprint of tourism. In fact, about the only negative thing I can say about the South Island of New Zealand is that they have something worse than mosquitoes. Sandflies, the bane of our more hiking-focused days.¬†I was told by a local I met that the gods created the perfect land of New Zealand for the Maori, and later added sandflies to deter the white settlers (apparently sandflies don’t bother with those of Maori blood). Then apparently some heretic invented DEET and solved the problem for us tourists.

Anyways, here is some pics from the trip. Can’t wait to return.


Silverware and tasty soup, luck smiled on us with ‘lay back’ first class seats which wouldn’t be possible except for our standby flying hookup. Mitsy looking down on me from her seat.


First night in Auckland, watching the news. Greenlip mussels below (eventually got some in Te Anau, tasty!), and my first meat pie. D-licious blue collar grub.