Haunama bay loop

After a lovely beach day catching up with Shan, I donned my brophies and let the open road tell me where to go.  I was at the end of the loop towards China Walls when a coast guard helicopter made 4 passes above me and started to land at the top of the hill, didn’t stick around long enough to figure out what they were so curious about.  Beautiful cloudy day for a little salty air.


Always try to run to the top, had to pause for a few pics this time it had been a while.


Lovely clouds rolling through made for a few nice pics.


Little weed I felt the need to photograph, I should stop biting my fingernails…


“Ancestral home to the ‘Ihi’Ihilauakea” At first I was thinking this was some sort of base camp for a tribe of Ancient Hawaiians or something, it’s actually just some clover plant that grows down here, and now I want to go back and find some…


The nice view on the other side of the building where I live.


The closest thing I have to family out here.

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