Travel pack for Ecuador

I have been narrowing down my travel pack for the trips I take.  Here’s what I took with me on my recent trip to Ecuador.

First aid, small

I use this for small dayhikes, it’s not all inclusive and just covers the bare essentials.

  • covering up scrapes and cuts
    • neosporin or bacitracin is good for antibacterial ointments
  • electrolyte replacement (meh, nice but not required)
  • benadryl for allergic reactions
  • iodine tablets for water treatment (also bring along my lifestraw for fun)


Travel medications

    • Ibuprofen, for general aches and pains
    • Tylenol, helps with fever reduction as well should the need arise
    • Aspirin, aches/pains and helps with clot prevention during times where one may sit for long periods (car rides and plane trips)
  • Antacid tablets, for all the bomb ass food you’re gonna eat!
  • Anti-emetic (anti-nausea) for motion sickness
  • Antihistamine, to help with sleep/jetlag or allergic reactions (bug bites, poisonous plants, yadda)
  • Electrolyte replacement, to help with monstrous hikes on hot days
  • Caffeine, I like to bring some just in case I have to bust out a long ass drive when I am not feeling sharp


Big daddy first aid (I work in a hospital and have access to unused medical supplies that will go to waste, very helpful for first aid kit supplies!)

  • Lots of bandages for scrapes and cuts (bandaids, 3×3 pads, wrap, and koban to keep it in place)
  • Sam-splint to splint broken bones or sprains/strains, pretty handy multipurpose thing (bottom left)
    • I also use that white strap next to it to secure the limb to the splint
  • triangle bandage to use as a sling for arm injuries
  • gloves for BLOOD or suppositories
  • saline flush to irrigate wounds
  • Vaseline gauze for road rash, helps because the gauze doesn’t stick to the wound
  • Stitches for deep cuts (seems crazy but I’ve used them before!)
    • also, steri strips and dermabond for less significant cuts
    • also, also, iodine to disinfect the wound
  • scissors (have to leave behind when I fly on airplanes)
  • tweezers big and small, pull out splinters/nose hairs, and big one is good to drive the needle for stitching
  • wound disinfectants (chlorhexidine)
  • tegaderm, useful as a moisture barrier for wounds, awesome for fingers and joints due to its flexibility


My travel pack FYI no links are affiliates I don’t make $ with this website.

  • Osprey Kestral 38 liter pack, been on MANY adventures, it’s a beast
  • REI daypack for small excursions, packs into nothingness
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
    • Shure SE215-K headphones, durable
    • USB/outlet charger cable
    • cell phone
    • smal bluetooth keyboard (just in case the writing bug hits me)
  • Lighting/fire
    • led flashlight
    • headlamp, Blackdiamond makes badass ones
    • matches
  • Bathroom supplies (you know what to bring)
  • Other items
    • lifestraw, don’t drink the water, if you have to at least you have this
    • rope & carabiners, for rappelling (not) or clotheslines
    • baby wipes, should be #1 thing on the list
    • map & compass
    • inflatable pillow, ear plugs, eye mask
    • Nalgene water bottle
    • pen and small journal
    • sweet shades
    • passport and wallet items
    • (sometimes I also bring a small sewing kit, but that is usually unnecessary…)


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