Luakaha falls, Nu’uanu Valley, Oahu

After looking in dismay towards my vista of the Eva side of Oahu, I decided that grey skies were not to deter a little expedition today.  My left ankle injury has been recovering so nicely and I felt a draw towards nature that compelled me to make a small day pack and head to the rain forest.  I knew it was going to be wet, but after stepping back to the Judd trailhead the skies opened up and I immediately had to make use of my rain jacket.  Today’s expedition was to seek out a footpath I had seen earlier with no sign, it caused me some curiosity the last time I was here.


For a small section, I went into a valley which looked vibrant yet accessible, there was no trail but also no chance of losing my bearings.  Nature is so beautiful when it is happily doing it’s own thing undisturbed.  I took immense pleasure in seeing all the bazaar mushrooms and salad bowls of greenery.  After the small detour I found the trail and continued along the Nu’uanu stream.


After the trail diminished to nothing, I flowed the Nu’uanu stream in hopes I might find a way to cross and happen upon the Kaniakapupu ruins (King Kamehameha’s summer palace or something, which now stands as stone rubble) which I knew were close.  I happened upon some interesting remnants, a large squarely outlined foundation with an absolutely tremendous banyan tree enthroned to the middle.  To one side was a pile of stones, perhaps some kind of Kapu (sacred) thing from the old days of Hawaii.


Having trouble with cobwebs I tried to hack off a small bamboo chute and ended up hacking up my finger (requiring stitches…) and had to wrap it in a large leaf because I don’t do small hikes with my first aid (perhaps I should rethink this).  Curiosity drove me to continue on against common sense and I was rewarded with the discovery of Luakaha falls, a roaring short waterfall that’s part of the fast flowing Nu’uanu stream.  Strewn about were no trespassing signs beyond, perhaps I had settled on some Kapu indeed.  I appreciated the beauty for a moment and decided to cross the river and make for a quick exit to tend to my gory finger wound.


I saw a few houses in the distance and made my way through a patch of buildings belonging to the board of water supply.  I was reunited with my motorcycle soon thereafter and decided to patch up my finger and grab some sushi at my favorite spot Yanagi (website is OLDSCHOOL wow).  Cool adventure today, the weather made hiking lovely although proved some challenges with my photos.  Can’t wait to finally make my way to the Kaniakapupu ruins one of these days.


Photos taken with my Canon 60d (24mm 2.8) & a few panoramas with the Samsung Note 5

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