Cruisin for cafe leche

Meandering past roadside pit stops and the occasional “cafe leche” we are waved down by an official.  Pulling to the side, my friend looks to me with curiosity.  A man walks up to the car, and begins speaking, prefacing his words with “I don’t speak much english.”  Trying to understand his broken English we attempt to absorb what it is he is trying to say.  Something about the speed limit, how it is slower, how he will have to take our passports and we might not get them back, a ticket could cost $200, and doing it with the city would be a cumbersome process.  He looked to my friend, “you understand?”  He looks to me and asks, “did you get any of that?”  Thinking for a moment, I looked back and said, I am pretty sure I know what’s going on.  The cop repeats “you understnad?”  I turn to my friend, “this dude wants a bribe.”  I look to the official, “how much?”  He says $100, I fumble with my wallet, we only have $80, he says that’s okay and we give it over, he wishes us a good day.  As we drove off, I looked at my buddy, “dude, we just bribed our first cop!”  Instant high five.


Roadside kitty says hi to us as we sit and enjoy a coffee.  After a little driving, we happen on the Playa Negra area, we were told to contact the B&B patron once we got to a soccer field in the middle of the small town.  There were kids in the field kicking around a smaller version of a soccer ball, a few businesses and bars open.  Our cell phone had no reception so we decide to wander up to a bar, the bartender asks, “Cerveza?”  I say, “no, telephono??”  He looks confused and repeats the offer for beer, I pull out my phone and make a gesture up to my ear and he points to a store a block away.  We walk down the street after thanking the gentleman and into an eclectic shop where a guy is selling pocket knives, sunglasses, and assorted refreshments, we ask for the phone and make contact with our pickup, he states to continue down the road and wait, he’ll be there to grab us on his bike.  Lo and behold, he comes meandering down the path on his bicycle to take us to his humble little surf camp, about a half a mile away from the beach.