Portland, Oregon day 2

I woke windows drawn with the faint incandescence of the street light bleeding through the edges, I had hoped I would be seeing the blue hue of the early sunlight instead.  It was still dark, hours before the sunrise, and here I was lying awake as my body expected my day to begin.  Unwilling to lull myself back to sleep I read for a while about the woes of being beseiged in a tent during snowstorms, a frequent complaint from those who partake in alpine climbing.

A few hours transpired and I decided to be one of the first customers of the day at a local swedish breakfast place, Cafe Broder.  The rustic chiq atmosphere and waitstaff were warm and welcoming, and their menu sounded familiar in some ways although with a not so subtle uniqueness that provoked an adventurous decision.  Coffee, black, trout hash, and a half order of swedish pancakes.  As I sat, I sipped the coffee, first sip, hmm, second sip, damn, third sip, this is some good shit!  I was told they were serving Stumptown coffee, an expense that they view to be worthwhile and it definitely shows.  The coffee was smooth, perfectly brewed, acidic and medium body, I was told it was a single origin Costa Rican bean.  I am not too well versed on the topic but I was 4 cups in before I left and feeling twitchy.


The trout hash was awesome, it even came with some tangy pickled onions, beats, and well, pickles too.  Normally I don’t get too excited about those kinds of things but I could tell everything here had this handmade touch which left me with a sense of guilt for not at least giving it a try.  I ate every last piece, and the spherical pancake balls dipped in there preserves or lemon custard were decadent, reminiscent of the bignets I once had from Cafe Dumonde in New Orleans.  I shared some of the pancakes with a couple across from me who were kind enough to tell me a bit about their lives here in Portland.

I was near the Hawthorne area, one reputed for its eclectic communit and interest in keeping the businesses local.  I was told that McDonalds wanted to set up shop at some corner and was fought to the teeth every step of the way, eventually being ousted by their inability to get a permit for a drive through.  Continuing the conversation, I also learned this community to be heavily bicycle oriented, and the couple were proud of the fact that when they place their vehicles in their garage at the end of the week that it usually stays there until Monday when they have to begrudgingly return to the nine to five life.  Feeling slightly guilty for havig sucked down my fourth cup of coffee I parted ways with the lovely cafe, headed to Multnomah Falls per the recommendation of my friend.

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