Last Day in Portland :(

After having gone back to my hotel room in a daze of hiking glory, I had an opportunity to shower and take a quick nap before my nursing friend was going to be available as she had gotten called to emergency baby sitting duties.  This was serendipitous because I likely wasn’t going to be making it on time anyways, because I suck at being punctual when I am on a vacation.  I let her know I wasn’t all too offended, and made this opportunity into an impromptu nap which was pretty damn nice after trekking around for a 12 mile hike.  Since I didn’t take any photographs that night, I won’t bore with details, but she did accidentally get my car towed, which must have really sucked for her, especially the 300$ part (Which I did offer to help with!!  I mean it was not my fault, but she didn’t mean for it to happen either…  As a guy, it totally sucks to go out with a gorgeous woman and have it end up with her having to pay 300$ to get my car out of purgatory from some unempathetic tow truck driving fuckface, I was trying to end a fun night on a positive note…)  I sure it didn’t help when I pathetically mentioned to this man “I don’t like you”.  He stared at me with a blank look, as if silently waiting for me to continue.  “I am sorry man, it’s the situation, I have a situational hatred for you, it’s not your fault, it’s not our fault, the situation is shit!”, more awkward silence…  “Dammit I’m just trying to be funny”. Awkward giggles, “But I definitely don’t like you still”. Ahh well, that’s kind of a funny story I guess, but then when you realize how many waffles 300$ buys it’s kind of depressing.


The last day in Portland started with breakfast in the most unimaginably unhealthy way.  I utilized Google to assist me in finding a new way to clog a few arteries I’ve been plotting against, and it directed me towards a place called Pine State Biscuits.  I had a bacon topped, egg and breaded fried chicken biscuit sandwich covered in gravy, with a fucking side of fries as if this wasn’t enough as it was.  Out STANDING.  I mean it kind of sucked to wait an hour just to acquire the said sandwich, but that’s the price of sleeping in, to which I made the mistake of doing.  And the couple next to me at Cafe Broder mentioned that this was a problem here, Portland people love their food, and will wait for it.

I then headed out of the city, West towards Canon Beach.  This, unbeknownst to me was basically the last stop in my journey.  The Canon Beach town was pretty neat, I mean it was touresty as hell, the shops were kinda cheesy, the Insomnia coffee joint was decent enough (not a Stumptown though..)  and the beach was reasonably pleasant enough (especially the convenient tsunami evacuation plan posted at the entrances to the beach). Honestly, it was nice, that’s about all you’re getting from me, I’m not so jaded with life as to call this place a touresty meh beach town, but it’s kinda how I felt.  Guess Big Sur has me all snobby about my coastlines.  I headed back to Portland, got another bacon maple log from Voodoo Doughnuts, took a few more pictures, checked out Powell’s books, got my Stumptown Cappuccino (FUCK YES IT WAS GOOD) and then headed home.




In the end, what do I think?  I don’t know.  I definitely love this place.  I love Oregon.  I would like to experiment with my life, not in the trying acid in the restroom of the dollar movie theater kind of way, but in the “maybe I’d try living here at some point” kind of way. The drab gloomyness might irk me, the rainy cloudiness might get old, but where can you really have it all?  I mean it’s all give and take. Phoenix is great, except when it is hot, and uninteresting, and you crave rivers and mountains within reasonable distances, I mean those things are here, but not conveniently so.  I’d make a shitload more money as an RN in Portland.  So yeah, I like it, I’ll see you again for sure you beautiful ass city.


Mount Shasta on the way home.

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