Sunrise, breaking in Apache

She smiles, of course, eyes fixed into distant thoughts and they are hardened.  Solitary and independent, she might accompany you if it doesn’t distract.  She feels distant now, and I see what I is the natural end product of a lot of people’s life trials.  You build into yourself this independence, and fear of vulnerability.  You create walls, and eventually you too can have your own castle, even though it’s cold inside you know you’re safe.  Maybe it’s just me though, maybe I assume this to be after having my own desires gone to an empty stare.  We share a love though, for the beauty and the loving earth (excuse my inner hippy).  I saw in the expressions of her face a joy so pure an innocent and real.  Ocean of frozen ice particles, allowing us to glide, the sound of wind passing through trees as we drift.  It fills you with rapture, a joy so uninhibited that you can’t help but grin ear to ear and let out a scream.  There, alone in our own space, our own universe, freedom gripping us from behind like a sweet memory.  I fucking love skiing.