Geodes at Fish Creek


Walking out of the creek after lunch and a fun little nature walk I was just under the bridge where I was parked when I stumbled upon a funny looking rock.  I remember hearing that geodes could be found around here, but didn’t actually think this circular rock was one, yet out of curiosity I decided to put it on a river rock and bang another river rock atop it to see if it would crack open.  I swung as if it were solid, far too hard, and to my amazement it exploded under the pressure, shards flying every direction.  I picked up a shard and saw tiny little gemstones shooting out in many directions.  I was blown away, and soon became overcome with geode fever.  After a short while I had a pocket FULL of these little bubbly circular rocks, I the noticed the source, giant stone slabs with these little circular stone pebbles impregnated within, scattered all throughout.  I was transfixed on this rock, and even noticed a few of these geodes exposed.  I climbed along a rock only to find many more of these hidden gems (literal).


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