Fish Creek, Tonto National Forest

I arrived at the trail head to the creek, the rain started up again and I sat.  I was calm, eyes closed and being lulled by the steady pats of rain flitting above me.  I waited, I was starting to think that I wouldn’t even be getting out of my car, but I sat and waited more.  Eventually I opened my autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I am almost done with it, each page I read I wonder how one man could put up with such an exhausting lifestyle, constantly being bombarded with problems, hurdles, and challenges.  I mean there is just no rest with this guy, especially as the Governor.  Each page is just filled with one troubled spot, or hurdle, right after the other.  Before long, after daydreaming and a chapter, I finally realize the rain has stopped and that my windshield is no longer collecting new drops.  After opening my car door I am taken aback by the sounds taht I have been missing this whole time, the breeze passing through tree leaves, the soft babbling brook beneath the bridge, birds singing beautiful songs.  I sat there with my car door open for a while just taking it in, breathing the cool, moist air.  I grabbed my pack and headed down.


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