Apache Trail, Tanto National Forest

“The older we get, the less we try to understand, and the more we try to live”

I had been up through the night, determined not to miss another sunrise.  Working nights it’s frustrating to have odd sleeping hours, and to sleep through experiences.  It’s all about these experiences that we create, and we must CREATE them as without our effort they shall not come to be.  With the rain pattering outside of my window, I stared at the parking lot flood lamp and decided to get my ass situated.  I had packed up my day pack, even went as far as purchasing a neat little stainless steel cup for boiling water in the chance that I would decide to not lay in bed for the night.  Adventure was a fixture in my mind, yet I was still doubtful.  Nevertheless I left, in the dark, two hours before sunrise, in the rain.

I wanted to turn around while on the freeway, just 2 miles from my onramp.  I decided to see how it was in Apache Junction, perhaps the rain will subside.  The closer I got, the more minuscule the rain became.  I decided to head towards Fish Creek, a place I had visited before with Greg.  Why I wanted to go back, I am not particularly certain, there was a cave in the distance that looked appealing from what I remember, could it be climbed to?  I also purchased a new lens recently and wanted to give it some trials.  In the blue of the morning, after winding up the Apache Trail, I decided to pull over and take some time lapse photographs of the rising sun.  The sky was a deep blue with a flare of city lights hovering in the distance.  I climbed up a hill to see what the surrounding topography looked like, jagged desert wilderness, sharp rocks, sharp cacti, sharp bushes, unfriendly yet in my opinion a very pretty sight.  I remind myself that these devilish plants aren’t out to get you, they’re just protecting themselves.


Fish Creek, Tonto National Forest

I arrived at the trail head to the creek, the rain started up again and I sat.  I was calm, eyes closed and being lulled by the steady pats of rain flitting above me.  I waited, I was starting to think that I wouldn’t even be getting out of my car, but I sat and waited more.  Eventually I opened my autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I am almost done with it, each page I read I wonder how one man could put up with such an exhausting lifestyle, constantly being bombarded with problems, hurdles, and challenges.  I mean there is just no rest with this guy, especially as the Governor.  Each page is just filled with one troubled spot, or hurdle, right after the other.  Before long, after daydreaming and a chapter, I finally realize the rain has stopped and that my windshield is no longer collecting new drops.  After opening my car door I am taken aback by the sounds taht I have been missing this whole time, the breeze passing through tree leaves, the soft babbling brook beneath the bridge, birds singing beautiful songs.  I sat there with my car door open for a while just taking it in, breathing the cool, moist air.  I grabbed my pack and headed down.


Geodes at Fish Creek


Walking out of the creek after lunch and a fun little nature walk I was just under the bridge where I was parked when I stumbled upon a funny looking rock.  I remember hearing that geodes could be found around here, but didn’t actually think this circular rock was one, yet out of curiosity I decided to put it on a river rock and bang another river rock atop it to see if it would crack open.  I swung as if it were solid, far too hard, and to my amazement it exploded under the pressure, shards flying every direction.  I picked up a shard and saw tiny little gemstones shooting out in many directions.  I was blown away, and soon became overcome with geode fever.  After a short while I had a pocket FULL of these little bubbly circular rocks, I the noticed the source, giant stone slabs with these little circular stone pebbles impregnated within, scattered all throughout.  I was transfixed on this rock, and even noticed a few of these geodes exposed.  I climbed along a rock only to find many more of these hidden gems (literal).