Tater Smash

The rail yard was open, empty, and full of train cars against the night sky.  Walking through, Greg and I had free reign to explore, so we thought at the time.  I climbed atop the first car I came across, and had to take a picture of the area.  It was cool, and it’s been one of our goals to get into one of these rail yards to explore.  The last time we tried we were introduced to the rail patrol, at least this time we were free from these guys.  I was on top with my tripod, Greg down below.  I turned around and saw two marked vans pulling up behind us.  Thinking, well damn, I watched them standing still…  They turned around facing away from us, our exit now cut off…

Greg and I, now coming to the conclusion we were screwed decided to get our crap together and find an alternate exit.  This entailed us pushing further into the rail yard.  I saw a dark figure in the distance, we were not alone.  He moved along the edge, ducked behind a concrete divider for a moment, and passed through a chain link fence.  I told Greg that’s where we were headed.  Looking behind at the vans as we walked with stealth, they didn’t seem to have noticed us.  We finally made it to our exit and with relief passed through to freedom.  In the rubble filled dirt field we met a man sitting in unusually nice cloths, sparkly button up shirt, didn’t want to be photographed and we respectfully let him be.

We then met Tater Smash, a traveling musician.  What guides him is unclear, but his current goal was to head east and find a banjo as his old one broke.  He had a dog with him who must make the lonely nights better.  He was waiting for an 8 o’clock departure on one of the trains tomorrow.  Best luck in your travels.


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