Phoenix street photography

I took a couple test shots in Greg’s sweet pad and after getting our gear situated we head out into the streets.


Walking down 3rd I quickly stumbled on a snoozing fella.


Sometimes I wonder if me taking pictures of the homeless people who share the streets with us is in poor taste.  Truth is, it’s a reality that’s pretty far from what I know and even understand, so I can’t help but find my attention drifting towards the subject.  And that’s really what I do with my life, and my photography, I explore and continuously find that there are things right under our noses that in observing perhaps might show us something.  I don’t know…  It’s always a striking contrast too as the area is rife with expensive restaurants, and people leading 9-5 lives all over the place.  There are many ways to live a life, that’s for sure.


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