Phoenix street photography

We retreat to our Phoenix streets again tonight with new toys at our disposal.  My friend Greg upgraded his camera, and is starting to get comfortable with using a flash.  I’ve for the most part reserved flash photography to studio work, for now, and given that I have a new lens to play with tonight my focus is elsewhere anyhow.

For the last 2 years, I’ve concentrated on getting comfortable with my Canon 50mm 1.4, which I believed to be the holy grail of lenses.  After playing around with the kit lens (Canon 18-55 3.5) Greg didn’t want, I am pretty awestruck with the types of pictures it gives me access to, and they turn out great for night photography purposes given the image stabilization.  I literally had no idea how vital image stabilization was, and honestly would take it over a fast lens now for the types of pictures I take, the proof is in the photos.  No doubt the 50mm 1.4 has its uses but I am really glad I bought his kit lens!  Tonight’s pictures completely changed my opinion about what my next quality lens purchase should be!  So enough about that, onto the street photography.

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