Nearing Greg’s place, neither of us wanted to call the night.  We bumped into a couple girls at the ASU downtown dorm.  Thankfully they agreed to become our models for a while, much appreciation to you Morgan & Madison! Also, to be honest, you girls are crazy for wandering around with two random dudes in downtown Phoenix after midnight haha…  But nevertheless it was good, I was really happy with the shots.

Morgan just got a tattoo and it reads, “Exhale the past, Inhale the future”  I really like that.  It’s a sentiment I have to constantly remind myself.

This is Madison (above).  She proudly wears dogtags in support of her boyfriend who is in the Marines.  She looks forward to seeing him soon once he gets back from training.




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We more or less decide to head back towards Greg’s place.  Not that either of us really want to stop taking pictures, but we were a handful of miles away and there was to be plenty to see on the way back if we took a different route.  We ended up passing through capital buildings, courthouses, the sheriff department headquarters, and the loneliness was truly palpable.  There was almost nothing anywhere, save the buildings themselves.  A cop car made a couple passes by us, I always wave at the cops, they usually wave back.  We walk by a door with APE painted on the outside, what it was I have no idea…  Possibly the entrance to a super secret crime fighting society?  We may never know.  The door was locked :(  Various closed establishments were also on our way, and a lone sleeping man on a bench.


After grabbin a bite and talking with some cute girls at Squid Ink, we continue our aimless wandering.  Take a moment in a construction zone for a portrait of my pal, and of course a mirror selfie.


Of course, I have to take Greg to the creepiest place I know of in the city.  That would be the underpass around 7th Ave, hell I can’t remember where it is, I know the destination by landmarks not the actual roads.  Shit is straight up creepy.  Every time.  We walked down the stairs, and I immediately noticed a pair of shoes, so I have to take a picture of them exactly as they were found.  The smells were of urine, and feces, I noticed a lumpy object roughly the size of a person in the middle of the pass but I’ll be damned if I can make out much, it’s just too dark…  Someone descends into the pass from the other side, and we get spooked back up and away.


Walking past an abandoned building, I notice that the chain link fence is not secured to the wall and is easily moved aside for entry.  As a long time fan of I have a certain interest in abandoned buildings.  This was the first time I actually snuck into an abandoned building here in Phoenix.  I climbed to the roof to catch a shot of my buddy Greg setting up railroad shots.  It was quiet, slight gusts of wind brushed up against me up there, I saw a few people walking by.  It felt safe on the roof, almost like I was the predator as opposed to feeling like I was the one being watched.

You can see the South Mountain antennas from the ladder rungs on the roof.

Inside the building, we initially entered an empty room with a large puddle and a flood light.  I wanted to get a neat “Taken” shot with the reflection, then quickly thought that this might be my only chance to stand under the spotlight like my hero Arnold did on stage when he won Mr. Olympia back in the day.  Photo credit below goes to my pal Greg.

Setting up shots of the weird mural painted on the back wall.  I think this used to be some kind of theater.


As we walked down the train tracks, I could make out the headlights of an oncoming train in the distance.  I had never been on the tracks with a passing train.  It was moving very slowly, apparently in the distance its rear load was being adjusted in the rail yard.  It came past us for a minute, and backed up, we waved at the conductor.

I met this woman passing by, asked for a portrait, she looked suspicious as hell but what’s new for a street photographer…  I asked her to take a drag, let her know if there was an email address I could send the portrait, she nodded no and just walked on.

“Camera…  Camera..” was the only thing this man said as I passed him.  I thanked him for the portrait and he didn’t look back.

My buddy sets up for a shot as I use my camera to see what it looks like inside the security wire spiral.

Quiet spot next to the rails, homeless man out of frame on the right peacefully sleeping.  About 5 minutes earlier I was cussed out by some dude for getting to close to his spot.