Mastering the Game of Lifelong Weight Loss

Mind Over Body!

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or are you like billions of other people who struggle with their weight?

Where do you start?

There are so many methods for weight loss out there, it’s difficult to know who to believe or where to start. We may know what’s good for us, but our mind tricks us into eating crap day after day.

Then we get on the scale and look in the mirror, and think, why can’t I change? We go to bed and say, I’ll do better tomorrow. But tomorrow comes, and we start with the unhealthy cycle all over again.

You aren’t alone. Knowing how to break that cycle is frustrating and confusing.

If you don’t know where to start, start here.

Read this book if you’re:

  • Unhappy with your body
  • Addicted to junk food
  • Sitting on the couch rather than getting outside
  • Believe that it will take a miracle to get your life back on track

Weight loss isn’t about weight on the scale alone. It’s actually simpler than you think. It starts and ends with your mind.

Old ways won’t open new doors. You have the ability to change the way you look and feel. All you have to do is develop your mindset.

Transforming YOURSELF is the key that will unlock your world.

From this book, you will learn how to:

  • Craft picture perfect goals and action plans.
  • Develop habit psychology.
  • Establish a healthy food habits.
  • Develop a simple fitness plan that works.
  • Create the ideal environment for growth.
  • Defeat the mental demons holding you back.

The Before Picture

This author couldn’t complete a quarter of a mile lap at the school track. His eating was out of control. His life revolved around movies, video games and fast food. When he wasn’t eating, he was thinking about food. He tried to tame his eating over and over again, but didn’t succeed until he implemented new positive habits, attitudes, and philosophies – a new mindset. Now he wants to share them with you.

This Author Now

He loves his body, the one he obtained through the techniques that took him the better part of a decade to develop. But he doesn’t want you to struggle for an entire decade. His goal is to pass the lessons he learned to you now, so you can transform your body without wasting any more time.

Now he lives the fantasy life of the kid version of himself. He resides in Hawaii and surfs every day. He travels the globe seeking adventure. He’s financially successful, independent, and living with the girl of his dreams. He’s still lean ten years later.

(Look inside to see the incredible before and after photos.)

What will happen after you read and implement these principles?

You will look in the mirror and see the person you want to be and stand proud that you not only changed your outward appearance, you transformed your inside self too. Your new mindset will improve all areas of your health—your body, career, and relationships.

Buy a copy for yourself and a friend. Start now.

“Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become.” – Hal Elrod

Stuart Krempin is a registered nurse, adult kid, and junkie for learning new ways to push the body and mind. When he’s not taking care of his patients in the biggest hospital in Honolulu, he’s stealing back the time and experiences lost from obesity.