9 Percent: Obese to Shredded By Cultivating a Healthy Mindset


Are you disappointed in the state of your life? A lot of people are. I was too. Back in the day, I only fed one organ what it needed, or what I thought it needed. I focused on my brain, feeding it all that brain candy, movies, games, food, it was an out of control animal that craved attention. I tried to tame it over and over, and it bested me.

Does that demon inside your head keep telling you how to act? Does it keep ordering that stuff you know isn’t good for you, does it keep your butt on the couch when there’s fun to be had? I was there too. So sucked into that unhealthy world I thought it would have taken a miracle to get me out. It wasn’t a miracle at all. No tricks, no gimmicks, I found a real path.

I’ve been living in the right body for me for many years now, a body I’ve obtained through the techniques that took me the better part of a decade to develop. It’s all here, within these pages. I will tell you how to become the superhero of your own movie, not because I’m some hip fitness celebrity with Twitter followers to impress, but because I’ve done it and am currently living it. It’s my life goal to pass the lessons I’ve learned to you.

There was a point when I couldn’t run a complete quarter mile lap at the school track. Now I live in Hawaii and surf every day. I travel the globe seeking out adventure. I am financially successful, independent, and am living with the girl of my dreams. Also, I’m still lean, all these years later. I live a literal fantasy life, and I am so thankful for it. I attribute all of my success to what I learned pursuing weightloss. Pause right there. Let that concept sink in.

My friend, weightloss isn’t just about pounds on a scale. Transforming yourself is the key that unlocks the world.

This book is the key that unlocks that transformation.

What will you learn from this book.

  • Crafting picture perfect goals, and action plans
  • Habit psychology
  • The right mentality with food and how to defeat weightloss plateaus
  • Developing a fitness plan that works
  • How to become a motivational and positive thinking guru
  • How to create the ideal environment for growth
  • Defeating the mental demons holding you back