Hanoi to Cát Bà island

Two nights before, I was browsing through Air B&B listings in Ha Long Bay because I was told once that this was an amazing place. I noticed a large island South of the area called Cát Bà, and found the most amazing looking experience. For the small price of 25$ a night, you could stay on somebody’s floating home amongst the scattered fishing villages in the chain of islands surrounding the main island. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and although getting there was a complete mystery, I had faith we’d figure it out. It ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Truly.

Along the roadside these placards were posted, North Korean and Vietnamese flags at the top.

The long stretches of mudflats made me think of the wasteland in Mad Max.

Our huge bus loaded onto a similar looking ferry for a small thirty minute ride to Cát Bà Island.

Thank god I only had to wiz.

Up to code?

The quiet road at Ben Beo harbor, the launchpad to our place for the night.

Friendly boat taxi driver took us to our stay for the night. I would recommend InnerX floating homestay to anybody looking for an amazing experience.

Once landing on our floating home, we immediately took the proprietor up on the opportunity to kayak all over, two solid hours of kayaking showed us an unforgettable world we never knew existed. Floating fishing villages all over, and coves that were reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean. This place was badass.

From the distance, I saw many abandoned vessels in this cove, I had to check it out.

We were returning to our floating pad for the night, the yellow building to the left. The gentle waters were amazing for kayaking, with almost no wind to speak of.