Oaxaca City, Mexico, last night

We started off in the same fashion, but ended up in the thick of the parades with faces painted. We had imagined the trip from long before as culminating in this awesome night, flying back just in the nick of time to make my next shift at work.

This kid was staring at Mitsy the entire time HAHA…

Mitsy looking pretty awesome, and here the both of us are! Much thanks to photographer Francisco Marin for snapping the shot.

The main cemetery in the city of Oaxaca above, locket because it was too late. Not like we’d be welcome anyways as tourists.

Shame, shame, shame. We had to eat some pizza the last day. Parades galore all night long!

We did it! We bought a balloon spear (idk what they’re called) for 15 pesos, and had too much fun. We gave it to some random kids when we were done :)

Mitsy buying schwag for her friends.

Monte Alban above over Oaxaca. What a place!

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