Oaxaca City, Mexico, day 5

One of the cool bonuses to our Oaxaca trip was to take a cooking class that was only in Spanish, using some oldworld techniques. The apparatus below is called a fogon, and it was how we made our mole based meal.

Mitsy grinds maize below, which was the base for a champurrado (similar to chocolate milk but made with corn milk), and tortillas. The real deal tortillas were pretty decent with a texture more grainy than what you’d normally expect.

Below are the ingredients (which are vast) for making mole, chili, nuts, chocolate, raisins, tomato, onion, and chicken broth. Crazy labor intensive but pretty unique flavor.

The champurrado is below, frothed up with an implement you spin between your palms called a molinillo. It’s an interesting drink, and similar in some ways to a hot chocolate.

This is the finished product. Mole negro with chicken (boiled for the broth) and a handmade corn tortilla for scooping it all up. It was very sweet, perhaps the personal preference of our teacher. While I would prefer it less sweet, its flavors were intense and real complex.

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