Oaxaca City, Mexico, Monte Alban

Having seen the vast expanse of the city to the hill leading up to Monte Alban (old ruins at the top of a mountain), we thought it an adventurous idea to trek by foot towards these ruins and investigate. It was a mostly enjoyable experience, except for when we followed a blood trail towards an injured man who wanted beer money and was making threatening hand gestures.

Reads “Today you decide how you want to live, say no to violence.” Hey, now that’s a mantra I can support, being a hapless tourist in an unfamiliar place.

Soaking up the views before our run in with the bloody cerveza man.

Alas, we make it to Monte Alban, with no expectations we were pleasantly surprised to find it was quite built up, with fully serviced restrooms and a restaurant where one could indeed purchase cold beer.

Scenic overlook into the valley behind Monte Alban.

Somewhat spooked about other random encounters, we opted for a bus ride back to the city.

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