Oaxaca City, Mexico, day 1

Started the day at a trendy yet old-world coffee shop and bakery, and the food-cation has begun. Afterwards, we wandered the city, from one stone building to the next. Below is the Catedral de Nuestra Señora De La Asunción, or Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Even though she made an ass out of you and me, they made a lovely plaza and church in her respect.

While Santo Domingo was the biggest and most beautiful church in the area, this one had the most insanely popular plaza. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, kids playing, street food, shops, restaurants, shoe shiners, the list goes on.

We finally made it to Templo de Santo Domingo and officially got the selfie in front of a cool Oaxaca sign strategically placed for maximum instagram points.

It really was magnificent!

We doubled back to Assumption Plaza and hung out until sunset.

Just one of the incalculable amount of wandering street bands we came to enjoy. At first we couldn’t believe our luck that we were walking when a parade ‘miraculously’ materialized. Later we realized that this was literally happening all day, every single day we were there.

They had a parade with many different regions chiming in in their own special way, these fellas sported stilts thatched to their legs. Even the kids got in on the fun, god I hope nobody trips…

Oh god, the street food…

They had a clown here every single night that we wandered through, and they were always different, leading me to question a lot about things I don’t normally think about. How do they claim their time slot, is it first come first serve, is there a ridiculous clown fight where the squeaky hammers and juggling pins are used for weapons. Lastly, in this day and age are clowns really relevant. I can say for certain they usually had the crowd going nuts, damned if I knew what they were talking about though… Probably gringo jokes.

We got all fancy and ate at one of the finest restaurants in town. For about 20$ a head, you can eat like you were some kind of rich person. This was my first experience with mezcal, I had two shots and it hit me pretty good. Thinking of those shots literally just sent shivers down my spine, good stuff but a kick like tequila.

The emptied shot glass below.

This is the Fren-chips™ stand, they fried potatoes in various ways. If fried potato related deliciousness became a religion, Mitsy would leave me and become a monk. Thankfully she doesn’t know of such a thing, but this place does suffice. This is a long winded way of saying we came here often. It was damn good. The night was the same old, with even more interesting stuff coming out of the woodwork. Below was that “spray paint artist that makes scenic landscapes with space and planets stuff in the background” guy.

And a dude showing off on his bicycle.

I got my leather boots shined, and they looked better than when they were brand new.

One last view of the Templo de Santo Domingo with a full moon before we retired for the night.

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