Yoshida trail to the top of Mt. Fuji, Japan

Mitsy scopes out the map of the adventure today, hiking to the top of the iconic Mt. Fuji. We were unfamiliar with the endeavor, so we chose a popular route which we knew would be crowded as hell. The system is very well set up for tourists trying to accomplish this, and we had no problems figuring it out. Japan did a great job setting up tourists for success, and what used to be a pretty gnarly trek ended up being safe and very low stress.

Can’t beat starting the day with fresh baked bread and some hard boiled eggs waiting for us. With a long and tiring hike looming, we didn’t want to fill up with anything heavy.

Looking at Fuji, luck was providing us with a clear day!

The start of the hike was a flat dirt road, eventually it branched off upward to the top. Panoramas were spectacular.

Time to start heading up!

There were many ‘stations’ on the way up, and we were told water was a premium price on the mountain. To be honest, this level of convenience blew me away. It was hilarious and awesome at the same time. I’m truly stoked others who are taking on such a seemingly severe challenge can do so with safety, food and water just a little walk away.

The landscape becomes barren as we reach the upper zone. Still breathing just fine!

As one can plainly see, there were a few others working their way up. The final leg was a slow slog, not because it was so hard per se, but because we had to wait in an almost single file line for the slowest people to make their way up. It was all good though, we weren’t in a rush.

Mitsy gets her summit stamps on her passport, I did the same.

A village all the way on the crater rim of Mount Fuji.

Various shrines peppered the upper areas, and some interesting bugs too.

If you look closely enough in the top photos, you can still see icicles hanging in the shadows. Wasn’t cold though, we were still comfortable in our shirts.

A trail wrapped around the crater at the very top, I pushed for us to give it a go so we could make it to the OFFICIAL top, which was actually at the other side of the upper crater. Here is our summit shot, with a miniature can of Asahi beer to celebrate.

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