Finding a knife in Kappabashi Dōgu-gai (kitchenware street)

I’ve been scoping out a better knife for filleting fish for a while now. It’s not like the one I already have to accomplish the job is bad, it’s just that it seems like it’d be awesome to buy something made in the epicenter of sharp steel objects. When warfare no longer necessitated the construction of swords, many blacksmiths found alternate use for their high levels of skill. Knives for cooking are so specialized that Mitsy told me special attention is given to the most minute details of the chef, including height.

Mitsy and I cruising to Tokyo via a bus.

People were just heading to work at this point.

Politely standing to the left to allow for the walkers to head up the right side.

Unsure of where the specific street began, we noticed a gigantic chef statue. This must be the place!

It was fun wandering this street, wish I coulda spent an entire day here. After finding a knife to improve my fish filleting, we stopped by a soba shop. Although simple, this was immensely pleasing to eat.

We got coffee too, luckily there was a shop nearby. I tried red bean (azuki) coffee. Interesting.

Walking down to the subway to our flight home.

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