Making our way to Mt. Fuji, Japan

We had intended on visiting Hokkaido (Japan’s northern island) for this trip, but were unable to get on the flight. Flying standby has it’s benefits but you have to be flexible. If you don’t get the flight you want, sometimes you have to wait days to try again, or just go somewhere else. We ended up going to the Tokyo area instead, and still had an awesome adventure.

Here we are working our way through the Japanese overland rail system. It might have been a cost saver to get a railpass, it was still much more carefree than what renting a car may have been like, and a hell of a lot safer! One benefit, dreamily staring at the wondrous world outside, especially as we got closer to Fuji. These small agricultural towns in the lush mountain valleys were so wonderful.

When we did arrive to our destination village of Fujiyoshida in the shadows of Mt. Fuji itself, we were pleased to find our hostel, Hostel Fujisan You, to be so pleasant.

We spent some time to walk throughout the town, and even up to a Shinto temple at the very top of the hill worshiping the gods of the mountain Fuji itself. This temple is called the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja.

We weren’t sure if this was water for drinking or bathing, so Mitsy didn’t let me take a sip. Probably for the best.

Walking through these quaint neighborhoods to our hostel was really relaxing. It’s such a quiet town.

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