African Safari, Day 2, Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater

We wake to a sunrise trek to see some of the animals which are more active when it’s cooler outside (namely lions!).

And what do ya know, we met up with a few of these predators! The lion let out a low rumble when we got relatively close, so we didn’t test his resolve any further. We went back to camp for a breakfast and then head out to the Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge where we’ll be staying for the night.

Wildebeest skull in the front of the camp. Breakfast below was great.

The Serengeti Safari Camp was just about the coolest thing ever, even had running water. On the way, we also stopped by a Masai village. For the small fee of 40$ they did a nice little song and dance for us that we got to awkwardly participate in.

The son of the village chief took us into his cow dung and stick hut, inside was a smoldering fire boiling water. The smoke inside was nearly suffocating.

I definitely thought their shoes were ingenuitive, made from old tires.

They even had a classroom of adorable children sing for us with a strategically placed donation box in the middle.

All in all, we were happy to participate.