African Safari, Day 1, Serengeti

We lucked out and got to see the start of the Great Migration in the Serengeti. It was well within the rainy season and the grasses looked vibrant and green. The areas we traveled through were some of the most idyllic and gorgeous landscapes I’ve ever seen. This is truly paradise on earth.

Last stop before we hit the four wheel tracks heading up to the national parks, Serengeti being the first stop.

We pass a few Masai villages along the way.

In the distance you can see a few Masai men herding their cattle by a lake that appears only part of the year, on google maps the ground can be seen as brown with no lake present.

Innumerable quantities of wildebeest, zebra, gazelle and others stretch to the horizon. It’s hard to describe the surreal vastness of it all.

Here is a pride of lions complete with lil simbas.

I’d like to imagine this as pride rock from the movie The Lion King.

We made it to our camp by dusk, had a nice dinner and a bit of restless knowing there were predators roaming around us.