Trek up Kilimanjaro, Day 5, Summit day

I’m thankful for Matty, our guide, for taking these photos. Mitsy and I were far too preoccupied with putting one foot in front of the other to bother with picture taking. While it was tough, we reached the summit, Uhuru Peak, and got down safe and sound. We had an opportunity to take the summit a day earlier than expected, and we went for it. Unfortunately, luck put the snowstorm on our summit day.

Pictured below is the remaining glaciers atop Kilimanjaro. One day, these glaciers will have melted away due to the warming climate, some say as soon as 2030. I’m glad to have seen them in my lifetime.

And here we are, at the roof of Africa. Mitsy and I summitted just after 8 AM on 3/29/2018. As soon as we got there, we started back down. No time to waste when the temp is well below freezing. What an amazing experience.

We hiked back down to Barafu Camp, slept a few hours, and then continued on to our camp for the night, a 4 hour walk back into the jungle to Mweka Camp.

These are the gurneys used to take down the sick from Mount Kilimanjaro, usually due to broken bones or altitude sickness. It actually takes 8 people to safely take someone down using the gurney.

Alpine desert, to moorland, back to the jungle. It took us 5 days to make it to the top, and just a day to get down…