Trek up Kilimanjaro, Day 4, Baranco Camp to Barafu Camp

Beautiful morning and smiles going into day 4, we eat a hearty breakfast and are off up the most ‘technical’ section of Kilimanjaro, the Baranco Wall.

Matty showing us the route up the Baranco wall, below you see it’s steep and jagged face, climbing it was no big deal though we soon came to find out.

Slow and steady, or “pole pole”. Below, an 86 year old man from Colorado was attempting to summit Kilimanjaro, he ended up making it as far as Barafu Camp but ended up turning around, good on him for getting this far.

Mitsy and I at the famed “kissing” rock, a spot where you have to hug the rock to pass it given the narrow footing.

Karanga Camp in the distance, down a valley and back up for a lunch break.

David and his fresh ingredients hooking us up with the best thing a tired hiker could ask for, french fries!

A friendly sign reminding us that our lives are more important than the glory of the summit. At this point going forward, you start to really see who can tolerate altitude, and who cannot. So far we are ok, but we’re definitely feeling it as we leave Karanga Camp and continue onward.

Taking in some of the more striking views as we near Barafu Camp, by this point we are well above the height of any mountain in the lower 48.

We made it to the last camp before our summit attempt, Barafu Camp. We spend the rest of the day relaxing, eating, and mentally prepping ourselves for the thin air above.

Talking story with Griff. Below, Mitsy trying to stay hydrated while battling with thin air and breathing difficulty. We spend time to focus on breathing, eventually realizing that while the air is thin, there’s plenty of oxygen for us. Unfortunately though, we struggled a bit with some of the unsavory symptoms of high altitude, headache, nausea, and lack of appetite.

Before heading in for the night, I took some time lapse photos of the full moon-ed night, below you can see Mawenzi peak, one of the three dormant volcanic lumps on this mountain.