Trek up Kilimanjaro, Day 3, Shira Cave Camp to Baranco Camp

The morning time showed us Mount Kilimanjaro without clouds, a sight we hadn’t seen yet. I remember how excited we were to finally see it like that. The sun was rising beneath it and lit up the sky to a brilliant hue.

This is our buddy Griff, he was the fastest hiker in the many groups trekking up the Machame route during our stay and an all around great guy to become friends with.

Making friends has its benefits, we got an epic shot of him, and he got one of us in return!

Taking a breather in the middle of the hike, this is the first day where the elevation started to affect us, and you could see it was affecting the vegetation too. We were now in the alpine desert.

Just like before when we were hiking on the Milford Track in New Zealand, little ‘guardians’ of the trail would come and visit with us.

Above we see snow for the first time, and below we see the Lava Tower, which marks Lava Tower Camp. This is the basecamp for one of the more difficult routes up Kilimanjaro, known as the Western Breach route. We didn’t know at the time, but reports later said that a cook recently met his demise not far from our lunch spot.

Tents from the Lava Tower Camp, we eat quickly and scramble down to the Baranco camp. While we were heading down from our acclimatization at Lava Tower Camp, we got absolutely dumped on and were nearly soaked to the core by the time we made it down. Definitely a morale buster.

Mitsy smiling in the heavy rain as we descend to Baranco camp, what a trooper.

Glad to make it!