Trek up Kilimanjaro, Day 2, Machame Camp to Shira Cave Camp

We wake up in Machame camp to beautiful views across the Arusha valley to Mount Meru, and finally we can plainly see the snow capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The trek takes us beyond the jungle into the moorland, where the canopy starts to disappear and it’s all moss & shrubs.

Our guide Matty giving us a bit of information about the surroundings. Hot poker plant below.

It was a welcome sight to get to the misty Shira Cave Camp. The hiking wasn’t too arduous and we were starting to enjoy camp life. It was also great to meet up with our Kilimanjaro friends, hikers who are all traveling in the same direction with the same goals. At the end of the day we got together to talk story.

The porters tent looking down the mountain.

Mitsy taking in the sights, and the crew from another trekking company breaking into song and dance at the Shira Cave Camp.

Porters of the past would sleep in this small overhanging cave, it’s said that up to 70 porters used to sleep inside. It’s good to see that it has since been outlawed since it looks damp and was probably terribly unhygienic.

We hiked up to a small hill nearby where we could get a nice overview of the camp and also ‘acclimatize’ a bit. Below, we were finally introduced to the crew helping us up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Sun setting on the Shira Cave Camp.