Trek up Kilimanjaro, Day 1, to Machame Camp

Classic Mama Simba breakfast before we leave with the crew to the base of Kilimanjaro. Below, we took a few stops to acquire some last minute things, such as meat from the butcher and some snacks.

Nothing is refrigerated, this animal was killed quite recently. It is a total different standard than what we’re used to in the typical grocery store from the states. While I’d never eat any beef item cooked to rare here, the stews that these were normally cooked in were delicious.

Pretty daunting when you look at it on day 1, but when you break it up it’s not to0 bad between 6-7 days. We had one nice group shot and then started our way up to Machame camp. The guide made us walk excruciatingly slow, “pole pole” he kept saying, Swahili for slowly.

Porters carrying people’s stuff, the true unsung heroes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Lush forests and nice trails, this doesn’t seem so bad at all…

Squat toilets, my first encounter, shoulda practiced static squats before I came here because it wasn’t super easy.

Some of the local ant population intersecting our trail.

It was raining the last half of the day, one of the issues with trekking this in the rainy season.

All smiles on day 1, the real pain is yet to come.

These guys had popcorn setup for us when we got to camp in our mess tent. Damn this kindof feels glamorous.

Above, white necked ravens were absolutely everywhere, and if you turned your back on some food you’d better believe they were there to take advantage of the opportunity. Below is David our cook, or as our guide referred to him, the “stomach engineer.” I think that’s the most badass thing you could ever call a cook.

Dinner by candlelight, fried fish and potatoes. Hearty and delicious.