Day 1 in Tanzania, finding a trekking company in Moshi

Friendly driver took us to the tricky-to-find Air B&B. There are apparently no addresses in Moshi, so we had to rely on physical description of the turns we needed to make.

Our slick little home base for the entirety of the vacation, we only had a few nights booked, but we ended up extending it because they cooked bomb food and had nice mosquito nets in the rooms. Mama Simba Homebase. While we were on Kilimanjaro they even let us keep our extra stuff in their storage room.

I drank a few Kilimanjaro brews whenever the opportunity arose.

When we woke up the next morning, there was only one objective, find an agency to guide us up Kilimanjaro, and gear up for the trek with whatever we were missing.

Local breakfast was pretty familiar, coffee was good, and our new friend the chapati (basically a Tanzanian crepe used in many of meals) kept us feeling well fed. Angel was the daughter of one of the hostel-workers, and she was absolutely adorable. She kept singing to us “Head, shoulder, knees and toes” while doing the associated dance.

We met up with a local guide, and he walked with us to the city center of Moshi to locate some of the last pieces of gear we would need to safely ascend Kilimanjaro. It was good to have a guide by our side because as soon as we left, we solicited nonstop. We must have giant dollar sign labels floating over our heads…

No REI in Moshi, this alleyway lead to a storage room with a few gear items, the owner wasn’t around so we grabbed some joe while we waited.

Local guy spent 15 minutes befriending us before the sales pitch. Gotta appreciate the hustle these guys put in, I bought a few things from him as a thanks for guiding us to another local gear shop and the slick coffee joint in the city known as Union Coffee.

Badass armed guard out front of the Union Coffee joint, I bought him a coffee as a thanks for protecting me. From what, I have no idea…

After a much needed break, we were back to the noisy and solicitor ridden streets back to our Mama Simba Homebase.

With feet brown from a day of walking around, we settled into our room for the night. It was time to arrange our gear and start thinking about the coming trek up Kilimanjaro, which we had officially booked at this point.