Poamoho cabin to Waimano ridge trail, Oahu

The last half of the journey. Due to a island-wide storm, I had to pack my camera for the bulk of the day. I can’t wait to hike the Waimano ridge trail again though, because it was lovely.

Cool shot of how the giant trees below almost look like lily pads or maybe even a coral reef.

Looking for the pink trail markers

Scrambling through a small landslide section.

Small encampment below used for workers on the range.

Taking a small break at the Tree of Life.

At the notch, camping not far from it on the remnants of an old cabin only visible through the rusted bits left behind.

Taking in a misty sunset, almost looks like it could be the moon.

Morning time provides some nice views of the Waianae east side, breakfast of some ramen and we are off.

All the sudden, after a cloud passes, we can see the next ridge over.

Lil bee holding on for dear life on a lapalapa tree.