Poamoho trail to Poamoho Cabin, Oahu

2 day backpacking adventure with Kenji and friends. This time Cisco & Chris join as well. The trek took us 14 miles and some change through some of the more scenic parts of the Ko’olau summit trail, unfortunately during a thunderstorm. Luckily, we knew what was coming and prepared as best we could. Even so, we were utterly soaked to the core for the 12 hour hike from our camp site near Kipapa all the way out through the Waimano ridge trail. The Poamoho section provided some wonderful views though.

Picked up in a badass Jeep, thankful that Kenji has friends with cool toys.

Baby cow in the road, I had to chase it a bit to get it moving.

Bench with a nice view of the Waianae mountain range.

Kenji walking up to one of the most epic views on the island.

Reads “Aloha I ka aina a me na mea ulu. Love our land and growing things.”

A rare Ko’olau mountain plant that has a beautiful bloom, so I am told.

Small swamp visible below.

Poamoho cabin, time to chill a bit and filter some water.