Waianae Summit Trail Attempt, Day 1, Kaena Point to Mount Ka’ala

Starting in the dark so we can not draw too much attention in our dubious hiking.

Early morning lights, the top is Kaena point and it’s light tower, and below is looking back towards Waianae.

Slinking through the hunting trails east of the military installation.

Can you spot a Kenji hiding in the bushes?

Ridges still partially enveloped in the misty air.

If you look hard enough above, you might see a slight part in the vegetation, yeah that’s our trail -_-

High five for nearing towards 3 points, we sit and enjoy a small break while taking in the dramatic views.

Photo above is the ridges we had walked already, just a little way to go till we get to Ka’ala!

“Hurray a road!” 1 hour later, “This road is bullshit.”

One lone yellow tree in a forest of green.

Our humble roof for the night, we did our best to protect against the wet but it inevitably got a few of our things soaked.

Great view…

Top of Ka’ala at night, from the summit!

Write-up below.

This was a hike my ol pal Kenji tried to set up last year, well people bailing and weather concerns prevented it from happening the three or so times we scheduled it. Well this time would be different, so we thought. We had a few people confirm, and purported favorable weather conditions. It came down to Kenji and I, and the weather turned on us (as it famously does in these parts). The proposed hike was a thru-hike of the Waianae summit trail, from Kaena point, through Mount Ka’ala, and down to the radio towers at the ridges above Kapolei. We gave it an all out 2 day blitzkrieg through the western Oahu ridge as far as we could go. Wits depleted, every single thing soaked to the core, we bailed at Kolekole pass due to safety concerns for the next day and what was to be the most technical part of the hike. The weather cleared but I am still happy with our self-preservation conscious way of thinking. I will definitely be clinging on to a more ultralight/watertight mentality for the next go around, because lugging around a waterlogged heavy pack made for heavy stepped travel on sketchy ridges. A recipe for danger.